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One's perfumer history

Since ancient times, people use natural perfume. But someone's got to create it!

As a child, Anna once snuck to her mother's dressing table, took off the beautiful, colorful bottles of imported perfume and mixed the scents to make them better for mother's joy. The mother usually encouraged daughter’s creativity, but this time she got angry and strictly prohibited Anna to touch her fragrance. That was how Anna realized, that the perfume was something extremely important, expensive and special. And of course, the desire to experiment with forbidden treasures only increased in the little girl. Anna began to create fragrances of what was not banned from playing with - fruits, herbs, natural soaps, teas. She was so stubborn and mature in her new passion, that the mother finally allowed her to refine her favorite perfume and was really pleased with the result. ​

​It took many years for Anna to understand, that perfumery is not just a child’s hobby, but her real vocation and a true profession. By the end of the high school, she seemed to know by heart all the perfumes that were available in the shops. To expand the horizons, she once asked her sister to bring her a natural perfume from the Egyptian marketplace. Thus began her collection of rare fragrances from around the world. Anna grew up, started to travel by herself, and wherever she went, she brought local fragrances of limited edition or home-made natural essences of the most exotic ingredients. All the friends knew about her passion and often asked her to choose a perfume for them. Anna observed how odors affected the mood, and memories, and decided to study psychology to be able to understand better the psychological types of people and select scents according to it. At the same time, the future certified psychologist learned how to mix essential oils and create the most delicate flavors, but perfumery was still just a hobby. Serious study of perfumery makes people over-sensitive and receptive. Anna felt that there was some special connection between essences and sensations, which psychology could not always explain. The study of the esotericism helped her to provide answers to some subtle and imponderable questions. During her training, Anna had already begun to mix custom perfumes, and gradually develop the idea of ​​the brand Anna Baron. The most difficult tasks, such as the creation of a men's fragrance to instill fear, was not difficult for the perfumer, it was inspiring. Anna realized that she was ready, at last, to become a professional perfumer. She moved to Moscow, graduated perfumery courses and soon started her own company for the production of custom home-made natural perfume.

Today, Anna Baron is a brand, that is trusted by hundreds of people from Moscow to Los Angeles, with the constantly updating line of ready-made male and female fragrances and the clientele of colorful, stylish, inimitable customers.

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