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About the natural perfume

There is no need to have an outstanding sense of smell in order to distinguish natural perfumes from synthetic ones. Aromas, created for the general public, are usually more unpretentious and often resemble each other. Deep and extravagant compositions can be mainly found in organic and niche perfumes. Natural perfumes are complex and multilayered, their flavors are constantly changing during the day revealing itself in many ways. Different oils have different qualities. Some oils, such as citrus, evaporate quickly from the whole symphony and heavy oils with woody flavors remain on the skin until the end of a day. Thus, you can create a perfume that will be light and refreshing in the morning and by the evening will become deeper and more sensual.

Natural perfumes allow us to achieve a variety of goals. By using animal components, such as amber and musk, home-made perfume can work as an aphrodisiac. Sometimes, in a close contact, custom perfume ingredients sound so pleasant, that subconsciously, we want to spend more time with a person who wears that smell. Essential oils affect the mind, improve the mood and help you to feel different. If you wish, with the help of natural home-made perfumes, it is possible to recreate the smell of a particular place, whether it is an old European city or an exotic island. The smell of any place on Earth is a mixture of natural ingredients: plants, soil, water.

Anna Baron uses oils and essences from all around the world, from Australia (Rose) to France (Lavender). The production of essential oils is a complex and expensive process, for example, one ounce of rose oil requires hundreds of rose flowers. And the production process is often manual, even in our industrial time. Anna Baron produces custom perfume with an oil or an alcohol base. Oil perfumes are more intimate, they are absorbed more quickly and communicate with the skin denser. Alcohol-based perfumes leave the flying train. Any wish of yours can be poured into a fragrance bottle. Organic home-made perfume is a real luxury, a unique finishing touch to your image.

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