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Custom perfume

"Anna Baron" is the intimate story of a perfumer.

A successful brand, carefully woven out of feelings, dreams, and odors, to devote indifferent people to the mystery of the creation of a powerful but elusive attribute of style. In the modern world, sometimes we lose ourselves, merging into a crowd, and it's becoming so hard to surprise us with material things. But all we have, is just the illusion of a choice. Anna Baron suggests that you make a deep breath and start all over again.

Custom perfume is not just a beautiful thing to have, it might become a key to the understanding of your personal image and style. While creating an individual home-made perfume, you have to be frank with the perfumer, you have to answer many questions to yourself. There could be whatever you wish in your bottle of Anna Baron natural perfume: tremors, memories, summer night, power, tenderness, jazz orchestra. You'd be surprised, what effects could be achieved with the right home-made perfume, created especially for you.

Using natural essential oils, the perfumer will create a custom-made perfume taking into account not only your taste, but your habits, the climate in which you live, and the unique characteristics of your skin. For a smoker, there should be elements that create harmony with the remaining smell of tobacco on the hands. Odors unfold longer on the cold and thin skin than on the warm one. Likewise, in different climates perfumes disclose itself differently. A fragrance for summer vacation should discreetly mingle with the smell of the ocean and flutter with the wind. A fragrance for the office should be your business card, perceptible at a distance of a handshake.

The creation of a custom perfume requires a lot of experience and extensive knowledge in the areas of biology, chemistry, and psychology. We have lived our story in order to help you to make your own.

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