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Anna Baron - Home-made perfume

The mankind uses natural perfume since the ancient times, but we have forgotten what is initially meant to be the perfume. A liquid fragrance has always been the mixture of comminuted herbs, flower petals, and scented oils. Over time, the perfumery became a multi-million dollar industry; for the mass production, they started to add various chemical solvents and dyes in perfumery products, until the fully synthetic perfume, without a single natural component, was introduced to the public. Current trends show that we are heading back to the organic consumption. In the case of perfumery, it is not only good for the skin and the environment but also is very exciting and non-trivial. Today we learn again to receive all the best from nature and enjoy it's wonders and tricks.

With the natural ingredients, used in home-made perfumes, you can achieve the most extraordinary effects. You can strengthen or weaken certain qualities of the character, cheer up or soothe yourself, evoke different emotions in others, give a vivid picture of yourself and your image.

There is no such a professional task, that would be daunting for the perfumer Anna Baron. Scents have a unique force, and the correctly assigned task, will give you the ability to create not just a stylish accessory, but a mean to achieve your personal goals. Over the years, working with the extraordinary clients, face to face or remotely, Anna Baron have learned to understand the tastes and desires of her customers better than they can express them. You can be greatly surprised with what you actually like! Think of what is missing in your style and make a custom order for a natural perfume from Anna Baron.

Before you make your first custom order, you can also try one of the ready-made natural perfumes from the Anna Baron collection, that are specially designed for the four basic personality types.

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